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Ulli Boegershausen - Fingerstyle Guitar

Ulli Boegershausen - Fingerstyle Guitar

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Ulli Boegershausen is one of the most highly regarded German fingerstyle guitarists. For decades he has given concerts all over the world and is admired and appreciated not only for his expressive playing, but also for his elegant compositions and arrangements. Twenty years ago he published Von Anfang an, one of the very first German language instructional books for fingerstyle guitar, which has since become a standard work. Now Uli has fundamentally revised and expanded this tutorial for the international market: Fingerstyle Guitar offers an extremely effective and personal approach to learning to master the steelstring guitar. The exercises and practice pieces are presented in notation and tablature. In addition, the learning process is supported by detailed videos on the accompanying DVD-ROM.



4 Track listing

8 The usefulness of tablature and notation

Chapter 1 Introduction

10 Three preliminary exercises

12 Exercises in E minor

14 Exercises in 6/8 time

19 Exercises in A minor

24 Repertoire piece 1 in A minor

Chapter 2 Fingerpicking

25 Fingerpicking

28 Repertoire piece 2 in A minor

29 Hammer On / Pull Off

32 Repertoire piece 3 in A minor

Chapter 3 Alternating picking and alternating bass technique

34 Alternating picking and alternating bass technique

37 The principles of harmony

39 Melody-playing and alternating bass

42 Repertoire piece “Always“

Chapter 4 Syncopation

43 Syncopation

46 More stylistic elements

48 Repertoire piece “Remember the Time“

Chapter 5 Sixteenth notes, triplets and arrangement

50 Sixteenth notes

52 The arrangement

57 The method of arranging

61 Repertoire piece “Auf der Hut”

64 The triplet

66 Swing triplets

68 Repertoire piece in swing triplets

70 The tonality of G major

71 Repertoire piece “For You“

73 Repertoire piece “Why“

Chapter 6 The finer points of technique

76 Arpeggio and tremolo

78 Tremolo

79 Bar chords

80 Bar chord exercises

83 Playing in different positions

Chapter 7 concert pieces

87 Concert piece “Little Bear” (D major)

91 Concert piece “It Could Have Been” (E minor)

96 Concert piece “Jasmine Flower” (G major)

Chapter 8 practicing effectively and correct posture

102 Posture while seated

104 Posture standing upright

104 Three rules for practicing effectively

107 Hammer-On exercise

107 Fingering exercise: The Spider

108 Appendix

108 Hand positions


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15 Lullabys (Audio CD)

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02. Abend wird es wieder  1:40
03. Au Clair de la Lune 2:06
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05. Bajuschki Baju 1:55
06. Puppy’s Lullaby 2:49
07. Die Blümelein, sie schlafen 1:54
08. Guter Mond, du gehst so stille 1:46
09. Toutouig 2:02
10. Brahms‘ Lullaby, Op. 49, No. 4 Guten Abend, gute Nacht 1:31
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14. Sleep Well Little Darling 2:11
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Ulli’s Monthly (Fingerstyle-)Guitar Secrets - USB stick

Ulli’s Monthly (Fingerstyle-)Guitar Secrets - USB stick

1 year - 12 lessons are compiled on USB Stick.

English and German language

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A Spider's Dance
Mystery, Ombrellino
Rain in July
Sunny Window

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Personal Favorites

Personal Favorites


1. Kiss From a Rose (Henry Samuel) 
2. Time After Time (Cindy Lauper/Rob Hyman) 
3. Right Here Waiting For You (Richard Marx) 
4. One of Us (Eric Bazilian)
5. Hit the Road Jack (Percy Mayfield) 
6. Mad World (Roland Orzabal)
7. Secret Story (Ulli Bögershausen) 
8. Back Home to You (Allan Taylor) 
9. Rush Hour (Ulli Bögershausen) 
10. Bärchen (Ulli Bögershausen) 
11. Waltz (Ulli Bögershausen)
12. Manha do Carnaval/La Chanson D‘Orphee/Black Orpheus (Luiz Bonfa)

Scores & TABs


22,90 EUR ( VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs)

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